Here at Digital Nest we try to offer the best advice for our clients, here are some tips if you want to write your own content. As this can be a very difficult task as the content helps guide, build trust and establish value for your potential clients. Therefore, content is critical to a websites success.  

10 Tips for Writing Your “About Us” Page

1. Facts and honesty, not hype.

2. Seek to inspire and build trust.

3. What do your visitors want to know, do not get off track.

4. Be specific instead of, don’t try to make bold claims.

5. Give great info, kind of a sneak peek behind the curtains.

6. Connect with your audience.

7. Express your values and benefits.

8. List credentials, certifications, awards. Plus “Social Proof” testimonials. 

9. Include a photo of you “in action” or additional product or general photos

10. Be interesting!


Keep Your Company Focused With a Targeted Mission Statement

1. Describe what your company does. 

2. Describe how your company does what it does. …

3. Add why (your company does what it does). …

4. Put your new mission statement to work. …

Examples of Famous Mission Statements.

Starbucks: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”

Virgin Airways: “Our mission statement is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do here at Virgin Atlantic Airways… to embrace the human spirit and let it fly.”


Why should we buy your product?
Online, customers typically do not purchase because of product features alone. Rather, they buy because they perceive some “benefit” “convienence” and “value” to those features. … Trying to convince clients t buy mainly based on features is asking your customer to do your heavy lifting for you. You’ll get more customers, more quickly, if you communicate the benefits of using your product rather than the features it possesses.

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