The Story Behind Digital Nest

In 2004 the idea was born for Digital Nest…. The rest is history

In November 2004, I sold a company I grew for 7 years from my kitchen table to 23 retail locations through So Cal and Las Vegas as well as a wholesale operation. During those 7 years I learned a lot about marketing, I hired some of the best marketing agencies and was spending over $150,000 per month between the agency fees and the marketing budget. Then I decided to spend all my time with the marketing agency for a couple of months to take a deep dive into what they were doing to help us succeed. I was a student, learning everything I could, or at least what they would show me. What I learned after those couple of months was amazing. I felt like I was a marketing guru. But, the main thing I learned about big agencies with fancy offices and big expense accounts was this. They make a ton of money off their clients (yes they bring value), but they charge a lot.   

I decided to take over all marketing efforts and I am not going to lie, it took me a little time get the right terms and rates in place, but I did it. We reduced our marketing expenses by over 30% and got the exact same results, lesson learned.

When we sold the company I decided I wanted to put my new acquired skills to work. I used them in the real estate business and boom, they worked like magic. Then I got a consulting gig to build a company from scratch and manage every aspect of the business from hiring to marketing. We went from me building the business plan to starting with 3 sales reps and 3 support staff. The first month we generated about $20,000 in revenues. Within a year, we had about 15 sales reps, 15 support staff and were generating over $800,000 per month in revenues. Marketing was the main reason for success because as I learned, you are a marketing company 1st, the products or services you offer are secondary. Because, if you do not generate clients, you do not have anyone to sell to.

I consulted for years, helped build a couple of additional companies but really wanted to focus on starting my own boutique marketing agency. Years later I started Digital Nest, just me and it has been a fun journey ever since.

I have a core principle, never charge what the large agencies do but do the same quality work. Because of this, we charge 30% – 60% less than the big firms, but our work is just as good. 

“If you are willing to learn from the best, then willing to take calculated risks and apply those techniques in a new way, you can build a better mouse trap”

Andrew Reyes

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