Directory & Citation Set-Up

Online Business Directories & Citations, Get Found Easier Online!

Most people do not know that there are literally hundreds of directories you can register with besides Google, Yelp, Bing and Yahoo. And getting properly registered with as many of them as possible is more important than you think. This is a Powerhouse of links being created for your website building more organic relevance and traffic that get’s stronger every month. If you are building a website for the long term, and want every advantage to beat your competition and grow your sales coming from your website, this is a highly recommended service. It typically takes 5 – 10 days to get everything completed and then Google will re-crawl and start indexing all the new links.

It’s amazing how many businesses do not take full advantage of getting properly listed on these sites, which is a great way for you to step ahead of the competition. Below is a list of how having a strong and accurate business presence online can benefit your business.


better seo (search engine optimization)

With enough good business listing, this can results in  higher page ranking on the SERPs. Directories also offer inbound links & backlinks making you more relevant online. This is powerful for SEO and the long term success for your website.

better online authority

Having a heavy business presence online today really helps with credibility and a professional image. Plus it gives your business the social proof which helps potential new customers trust doing business with you. The end result is you have a website with more authority.      

traffic to website

More exposure, highers SERPs and solid online authority all help with one thing, driving more traffic to your website. More traffic equals more opportunities. 

online exposure

Exposure is one of the ultimate goals for your website and making sure your directory listings / citations are maximized is one of the best ways to get exposed. 

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