Do not take shortcuts with your


Big businesses spend tons of time & money creating their logo for a reason. The impression it makes is memorable and gives your company an image.


It is important to be consistent with your companies look, message and colors. This makes your image "Sticky" and clients will remember you.


Social Media can be a huge driver for your business so your Logo & Branding needs to look and represent your company well. We can make sure you shine on Social Media.

It is busy online so attention spans are short online with potential clients.

Remember, today you only have about 2-5 seconds to capture a potential clients attention about your goods / services.

Here at Digital Nest, we understand this, so we work hard to make sure you stand out and are memorable!

With a properly designed logo, it can be the difference that captures your visitors attention and keeps them engaged. Which gives you an opportunity to earn a new client. A Logo can communicates the company’s offerings and image in the blink of an eye. In seconds clients are forming an opinion about your business by its appearance and your Logo is a Huge part of that. If you have a solid Logo, that logo speaks for your company and is sticky and memorable, which is exactly what you want.  

“Online visitors take 2-5 seconds to scan the first 
page of your website and logo, then form an 
opinion and stay or move on!”

So do not mess this us by not having a custom designed logo for your business.

Your logo is the company’s “HELLO” introduction to potential customers. When designed right, your logo can help capture their attention long enough to be interested in your business.

Keep in mind that a logo kind of acts as the host of your business by introducing your company through a professionally designed logo that was well thought out. 

Branding is similar to telling a story to help influence potential customers.  

Therefore, your logo design is an important part of your company’s brand, it is part of the foundation on which the brand is built and designed.

So we need to consider everything like the font, colors and images. This allows your logo to lay the foundation for your brand image.

Your logo leads connects with your audience and brings them back your company.

Because Logos are memorable, they are a point of reference & identification for your company; they’re the symbol “The Logo” that customers use to remember your brand. 

A good Logo allows clients to immediately associate the logo with your company even if they forget the name of your business. This is the power of a great logo / branding. 

Be original and stand out, a logo can help show potential customers your business is unique. Example, there might be tons of shoe stores in the area but the one that stands out gives back to the community and cares about the environment and their logo and branding helps illustrate that making that business stand out from the crowd. 

So your logo can be the soap box from which your message is passed on telling the story about your business while distinguishing you from the competition. 

Customers tend to be creatures of habit but sometimes need reminders. A quick glance at your logo is that reminder. 

So, logically as you start having success your business and therefore your brand grows, your custom logo starts to become familiar and no longer “New” which inherently builds social proof and trust. This is the goal.

Once someone loves your business, they start referring people over, and become repeat customers. And every time they visit you online or at a location, they see your logo again…

If it is not crystal clear already, having a great logo is important and can help with your business growth in more ways than one.  

Your custom designed logo is often the first thing that your customers and potential customers see. Also your existing customers will look for your logo when they see messages from your company. 

Logos are always in all your marketing materials such as social media ads, emails, business cards, advertisements etc.

If you don’t have a logo or have a logo that is not impressive, it is fair to say that your’e missing opportunities to make your business stick in the minds of your audience.

Here at Digital Nest we design World Class Logos at a fraction of the cost of big agency prices without compromising quality. Contact us to discuss further. 

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