You are about to go from not knowing anything about Cryptocurrency to one of those "OMG" moments!

By Larry Block

It wasn’t easy, but with help from my lovely pet Sam, I managed to grow an empire. Oh, did I mention it was all done from my home?

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I am writing this eBook in hopes it makes a difference in your life.  These are challenging and uncertain times for many people.  Hope, for some, is at an all-time low.  It is exactly Hope that we need when everything seems to be falling apart.  It is with Hope, we believe the best has yet to be.  In this eBook, I would like to make a case for Hope and provide reasons to keep your biggest dreams alive.  Currently, my life’s purpose is a mixture of taking daily action to grow into bigger and better versions of myself, while at the same time, embracing that I am whole, complete, and have everything I need right now in this moment.  Yes.  It is congruent to want more and also be content with what life brings in each moment (more on that in another eBook.)   Now that I have satisfied my need to include my spiritual side in this eBook, the remainder will be focused on the financial component of my life’s purpose and how that can be of benefit to you. 

While I am very enthusiastic about blockchain technology and the positive role blockchain will play for humanity moving forward, I am even more enthusiastic about the FINANCIAL FREEDOM it will bring to many regular people’s lives in the near term.  While of course money does not buy happiness and is a distant second to all matters of the heart, it can buy freedom and unique experiences.  I love it when I see people who have been able to intentionally design a life they love and are fulfilled by.  To be the artist of your own life, to decide how you will spend each moment of your time here, travel whenever you want, to be able to live where and how you want to me is one of the ultimate accomplishments.  It is a sad reality that creating that kind of financial independence is becoming increasingly difficult for the average person.  Those in power seem to hold all the cards and have created a system that intentionally makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.  It is no wonder many people are feeling trapped and discouraged.  How much fun would it be to play a game of Monopoly if all the properties were already owned by others before the game even started?  Would you feel excited to play in that game?  Of course not!  That is exactly where we are and exactly the net effect for people all over the world.  Many are feeling frustrated, betrayed, controlled, and helpless to change their lives for the better.  The idea of living the “American Dream” has become farther and farther out of reach for the average person.  We all know that’s true or can at least sense it.  Some of this has to do with who controls the money supply and how that money supply is distributed.  Remember the “Golden Rule?”  Those with the Gold make the rules!  Now with the large amounts of money being printed by governments all over the world, the disparity between the “have’s and have not’s” will only become larger.  As we are seeing in front of our eyes, people are losing hope for the future.  When you look out into your future, what financial environment do you see for yourself over the next 5 years?  Do you see a fertile environment for growth and opportunity or do you see possible financial retracement and the hamster wheel?  One of the reasons I wanted to write this eBook is because I look out and see a very exciting future ahead.  I see a massive shift happening right now in front of my eyes.  I see reasons for hope and excitement for the future.  As in nature, sometimes it takes a big storm to come through for new growth to happen.  I want to share some of my reasons for hope and excitement with you.

Fixed-supply non-sovereign digital assets, such as Bitcoin, have the potential to increase short-term wealth and savings over the next handful of years in a really big way.  I truly believe this is a rare moment in time where massive life changing gains will be taking place.  I encourage you to keep an open mind and learn about why Bitcoin and other blockchain projects are not just valuable, but essential for the future prosperity of humanity.  I know these are non-mainstream ideas and big statements to make.  They may be difficult for some to believe.  Nonetheless, they are real.  It’s always those who have the vision to see what others don’t who benefit the most.  The fact that many digital assets are fixed supply, decentralized (not controlled by any individual or government,) and available to anyone of any background, class, race, religion, or geography to participate in at will that is the absolute game changer.  This means that as long as you see why this massive shift is taking place and you choose to participate (even in a very small way,) you can see your wealth and savings increase in a relatively short period of time.  By participating, not only will you be securing and improving your financial future, but you will also be helping to change an unjust system, and helping boost all other like-minded people who are participating with you.  It’s a win, win, win.  This is not in some distant future.  This is right now!  All signs are showing we are entering the next bull market for Bitcoin and Digital Assets.  As we’ve heard many times, timing is everything.  Whether it’s a financial opportunity, a new relationship, or our health, timing is one of the most important factors to success.  At the time of writing this eBook, the timing is excellent to enter the digital asset space.  I urge you to take a serious look under the hood of these potentially transformational financial vehicles.  If you read this eBook with an open mind, there is no limit to what you can accomplish in the next couple of years.  Thank you for reading, and see you on the other side…

It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples in the middle of the book really blew my mind.
Emerson Palmer
Venture Engineer

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