The Story Behind
Digital Nest

In 2004 the idea was born for Digital Nest…. The rest is history

By Andrew Reyes

In November 2004, I sold a company I grew for 7 years from my kitchen table to 23 retail locations through So Cal and Las Vegas as well as a wholesale operation. During those 7 years I learned a lot about marketing, I hired some of the best marketing agencies and was spending over $150,000 per month between the agency fees and the marketing budget. Then I decided to spend all my time with the marketing agency for a couple of months to take a deep dive into what they were doing to help us succeed. I was a student, learning everything I could, or at least what they would show me. What I learned after those couple of months was amazing. I felt like I was a marketing guru. But, the main thing I learned about big agencies with fancy offices and big expense accounts was this. They make a ton of money off their clients (yes they bring value), but they charge a lot.   

I decided to take over all marketing efforts and I am not going to lie, it took me a little time get the right terms and rates in place, but I did it. We reduced our marketing expenses by over 30% and got the exact same results, lesson learned.

When we sold the company I decided I wanted to put my new acquired skills to work. I used them in the real estate business and boom, they worked like magic. Then I got a consulting gig to build a company from scratch and manage every aspect of the business from hiring to marketing. We went from me building the business plan to starting with 3 sales reps and 3 support staff. The first month we generated about $20,000 in revenues. Within a year, we had about 15 sales reps, 15 support staff and were generating over $800,000 per month in revenues. Marketing was the main reason for success because as I learned, you are a marketing company 1st, the products or services you offer are secondary. Because, if you do not generate clients, you do not have anyone to sell to.

I consulted for years, helped build a couple of additional companies but really wanted to focus on starting my own boutique marketing agency. Years later I started Digital Nest, just me and it has been a fun journey ever since.

I have a core principle, never charge what the large agencies do but do the same quality work. Because of this, we charge 30% – 60% less than the big firms, but our work is just as good. 

“If you are willing to learn from the best, then willing to take calculated risks and apply those techniques in a new way, you can build a better mouse trap”

Andrew Reyes


Custom Search Engine Website

Our team here at Digital Nest put some important information together that will be helpful in creating success online, as long as you apply what you learn.


If you already have a website or a business and looking to build or re-design a website make sure you have the following accounts. These accounts are very important in helping get your business found online. To make it easy, we provided links to set up each of these important accounts easily.


Google My Business (GMB) –

Bing Business Account –

Yelp Business Account –


Citations and Online Directories

A Treasure Trove For Business

Besides the above business accounts, there are tons of other areas online that you need to get your website linked to in order to help maximize your success online. Remember, today you need to use every resource available in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors and start generating traffic to your website / business. Click this link to learn more –


Does a Website Require SEO or is Building a Website Alone Enough?

One of the most important questions to ask, yet 90% never ask this question. The answer is Yes & No… Let us explain.

NO – If you are building a website for only people you are directing to your website by giving them your exact domain name and do not care about attracting new clients online. Maybe you are building a website that is for sharing information or has a private login feature that can only be accessed using a password by a group of people you choose.

In this case, there is Zero need for SEO as your goal is not to attract new clients/visitors or traffic. This site is built for a specific group of people. However, the website still needs to be built using the latest design standards to make sure the look and functionality are easy to navigate and visually appealing. 


YES – If your intention is to get found online by potential clients searching for your goods or services. In this case you require both On-Page and Off-Page SEO. These are foundational requirements that help get your business build and steadily grow your online presence. Look at it like this, you have a great  looking and highly functional website but if there is no gas in the tank, it is not going anywhere. The SEO is the fuel that allows your website to move forward and get found by the clients that have an interest in your services. Then it becomes the job of the website to convert those new visitors into leads and clients. Without SEO, your website is invisible online like close to 80% of websites online today. So, build it right with good SEO and there is still a ton of opportunity online today.

Additionally, if you are going to do any kind of additional paid marketing, you must have a good SEO foundation in order for those campaigns to be optimized. Want a little more information about SEO, please visit this link


How Much Should a Website Cost?

The #1 question we get asked is about the cost of Websites. Especially with prices being advertised like “get a website for $199 – $399”. It can be confusing to understand what does a Real Website that is designed right and gets results cost. To dig in deeper into this and really understand the cost of a website please go to this link and read the information, about a 5 minute read but worth the time


A Custom Designed Logo is Important Because it:

  1. Shows your Identity – Cattle is branded for a reason, to show ownership. Think of your Logo the same way, it Brands your business. Your custom logo shows that this is your brand, you own it and it can tell potential clients who you are and is memorable so they connect your logo with your goods / services.
  2. New leads and clients get to know you – A custom logo invites potential clients to take a look at you, the colors and design can trigger curiosity. That curiosity can lead them to take a look at your business giving you a new opportunity to gain a new client.
  3. Makes you unique and separates you from competitors – A custom designed logo should reflect who you are and distinguish your business from your competition. Don’t be afraid of being unique, some of the best logos today dared to be different.
  4. Helps with Brand Loyalty – Creating brand loyalty is important and should not be ignored and that starts with your image which starts with your logo. A recognizable logo becomes familiar to your clients and helps create a loyal following and customer base that buys from you and refers new business as well.
  5. Put it everywhere – Your logo goes on your website, shirts, business cards, email, social media Google, banners, merchandise etc. You get the point, exposure is the key to help generate a strong recognizable brand.

What is Mobile Friendly or a Responsive Website?

Today your clients are on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. When they find your website from these devices, will they be able to view and navigate it perfectly? If not – you will lose tons of business.


More than ever, people are searching the web for goods and services from smartphones and other mobile devices first.  And yes, these are your potential clients, so you need to have an online strategy that focuses on this.


If potential clients cannot easily find your business online from their mobile devices, they will never become your customer!


Therefore, you absolutely must have a Mobile Friendly / Fully Responsive website. Meaning, your website will automatically adjust to any size screen making it easy for your customers to view and navigate. Please note – “Responsive” is not the same as “Fully Responsive”, responsive will look good on some devices but not on all! Important – If you website is not Fully Responsive, Google will penalize your website. Which is very bad as that penalty pushes your website out of a lot of searches because it is not Google Compliant.


Published 8/27/2019 by Digital Nest


The Problem With Websites Today

Published by Digital Nest 9/25/2019

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A Companies Logo is one of the most important branding investments a company can make!

Custom Logo Design
Website Hosting Logo

Ever pay attention to the times when you were able to identify a business by simply looking at its logo, regardless if their name is a part of the logo? 

Or maybe you’ve noticed that you can identify what a business does by looking at its logo for the first time. There are different ways to accomplish this, one way is by the symbols in the logo which can be a great way of communicating info about your business. Needless to say, a custom designed logo is a critical piece of your company’s brand which makes a difference on a company’s public perception. 

As stated in the title, here at Digital Nest we believe a companies logo is by far one of the most important investments a business can make to help the business memorable through branding. But for some crazy reason, we talk to so many businesses that don’t care about their logo or branding and decide to take a short-cut with their logo design because they simply don’t know  the long term negative effect of not investing in a Professional Designed Logo. So many companies either create a do it yourself logo using one of the many inexpensive logo design software systems out there and use clip art resulting in a unoriginal generic logo that does not stand out or represent their business well. Or, hire one of those companies that charge them $99 and design a nicer version of a generic logo that again does not represent the brand well.   


Why Having a Custom Designed Logo is Important for your business or brand?

First of all, a professionally designed Logo helps people identify the face of a company and most importantly a Logo is frequently first thing that a potential customer will notice about your business and you “Never Get a Second Chance at a First Impression”. A good logo is memorable and recognizable; making your logo the foundation for the branding/image of your company. Professionally-designed logos make it easy to convey that your business is professional, trustworthy, and provides quality goods or services.

How to Design Your Logo

A professional company should make this process simple for you by having you answer specific questions about how to design the perfect logo for your business. To include reference images, colors, the audience, what you do and how you want potential clients to view your business / brand.   

Generally speaking a logo should be distinctive and easily recognizable. A great logo is memorable, makes a good and lasting first impression and connects with your potential audience. It needs to be designed so it looks great both online and offline and maintains the quality / integrity of the image at any size . Also, you may need to show your logo in black & white so it needs to look great in color or black and white.

You need to pay attention to detail with logo designs, as the details are important. Pay attention to everything like the font, colors and style to help tell the story about your brand. 

Bottom Line – do not take short-cuts when designing your logo, as like I said earlier, you never get a second chance at a first impression!


Andrew J Reyes

10/10/2019 – Digital Nest