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Today your clients are on mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. When they find your website from these devices, will they be able to view and navigate it perfectly? If not – you are losing tons of business.
More than ever, people are searching the web for goods and services from smartphones and other mobile devices first.  And yes, these are your potential clients, so you need to have an online strategy that focuses on this.
If potential clients cannot easily find your business online from their mobile devices, they will never  become your customer!

Why You Need To Have A Mobile & SEO Friendly Website Today.


Need to be able to find you online from mobile devices & find the information they need fast or they will leave. SEO helps them find you & mobile friendly websites make sure you are in the search results.


If you don't have a mobile friendly website, potential customers searching for your goods & services from mobile devices will not find you. Meaning you are missing opportunities.


If clients can't find you online or when they locate you, your site isn't mobile friendly. They will find a competitor online and do business with them. Don't lose business because you are not set up properly.


If your SEO is not set up right and you are not Mobile Friendly, spending money on marketing will never yield good results. Do not throw your money away, make sure you are set up properly in order to get a good ROI.
Mark O
Mark O
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Andrew designed a website for my charity golf tournament. He worked with me to get the site exactly how we wanted it and made any changes with no questions asked. The site has been well received by everyone for the great job that they did!
Jerry G
Jerry G
Tucson Realtor
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We needed a new Real Estate website to help me stand out in Southern Arizona. Plus I needed monthly SEO to help generate a steady flow of buyer and seller leads. We had these guys build 2 landing pages, a new website and do local SEO for us. They said it would take 30 business days to complete, they delivered in 24.
Christina T
Christina TTemecula Ca
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I contact Digital Nest last week because I had a horrible experience with my last website designer and needed help getting it done right. I have to say I am so impressed at how professional and efficient they were with getting my request done in such a timely manner. They far exceeded my expectations on how amazing my website looks. Thank you Andrew for all your hard work!

The With Websites

  • Outdated Websites (We Can Re-Design)

    Older websites were developed to look and function on desktop computers only. Meaning they are not made for Smartphones or tablets where the majority of search traffic is and searches start from today. Bottom line, these websites are not Mobile Friendly so they are virtually invisible online from mobile devices. Meaning, these websites are losing business to competitors that are mobile friendly. Regardless if you are a Small or Big business, making sure your website is 100% Responsive for all devices gives you a competitive edge as so many websites today are still outdated or not built up to today's standards.

  • Looks Great But No One Can Find You

    This is a big and very common problem today. Mainly because of the "Discount Website Designers" and the "Do it Yourself Options". Let us help you understand the problem. There are 3 main parts to building a website. The first is designing the look of the website so it is visually appealing to your clients. The second part is designing the functionality of the website where there can be simple functions like contact form and complex functions that require experience. Finally, there is making sure the website has all the key components set up properly like the right plug-ins, features as well as tagging, language, links, citations, mapping etc. The websites that look good only have the first part of the website done and tiny part of # 2 & 3 therefore, the website looks good, has basic functionality but no one can find you because the website is not truly complete.

  • Not SEO Friendly

    This ties directly into your website looks great but no one can find you online. The main reason for a website is to help your business grow, capture more clients and generate more revenue. Furthermore, a website should get stronger over time and gain online authority which results in your website producing more revenue year after year. But, this will never happen if potential clients searching for your goods or services cannot locate you. So, your website needs to be built with a strong foundation, just like a home. Because you can build something of value with a strong foundation. For a website, that strong foundation is SEO. Now, SEO is not a simple task to master as things are always changing and evolving so this absolutely requires a Pro that understands SEO and how to properly build it into your website for maximum effectiveness. When done correctly, this is when a website starts to get found and is not penalized by Google. Then there is the Offsite-SEO, this is also very important, please read our section in services "Directory & Citation Set-Up".

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World Class Website Design, Custom Logos, Branding & SEO

Our mission is to provide our clients with a stress free experience. Resulting in  delivering Websites, Logos, Branding or SEO services that exceed your  expectations. We are here to help you succeed online, and we take that serious!

World class cloud hosting

Our hosting services perform better than most of the Big Companies and cost less annually, make sure you host with us.

your own @domain emails

Stand out by making sure you have a company e-mail address not a gmail address. We make you look professional. 

Easy to update & manage

We not only design World Class Websites, we design them with tools that allow you to make simple changes, giving you more control, and we show you how to do it!

Award winning custom logos

You never get a second chance at a first impression. So, make sure your Logo is memorable and connects with your audience. Our team will create something amazing for you. 

online presence - get found by your clients online

You have a Perfect Website, now you need to make sure customers looking for your goods and services can find you online. Let us help you succeed and grow your business online. 

analytics & facebook pixel

Knowledge is power, with analytics, you can learn everything you need to help grow your revenue online. Facebook Pixel for Facebook Ads if done right is a license to print money! 

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Don’t worry, we will not get technical. But we will explain everything you need to understand regarding hitting your goals online. At the end of the day, we are here to make sure you put your best foot forward online, giving you the maximum opportunity for success.

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